R  E  D    H  A  W  K    S  T  U  D  I  O 



We begin with the principle that the Client is an integral partner in the design team. Successful architecture meets the essential needs that urge a Client to initiate the project.

Whatever the needs and constraints that affect a design we strive to use every available opportunity to create design that is lively and interesting while being appropriate to its context. 

Many of our projects have dealt with complex programs of use. Most have had a constrained budget. A common thread has been the achievement of an exciting design that benefits the client and the built environment.



Historic renovation and adaptive use make up a substantial portion of this our work, however several significant new buildings have also been created. All our designs are characterized by a sensitive fit within existing context.

Architecture is both shelter and showplace. It meets functional needs and also provides the setting in which most of our lives take place. As such it should be an excellent place. Red Hawk Studio’s architecture is not a stage set, however. It is of its own time - timely. Nevertheless, we strive for lasting value - timelessness.